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We are your
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Why us

G. Carrier stands out for its persistence on:
> Efficiency & Security
> Flexibility & Forward-thinking solutions
> Eco-friendly mentality
> High-tech methods

Efficiency & Security

G. Carrier provides for the most efficient combination of transportation lines, both mainland and sea lines and delivery methods, in order to ensure timely and secure delivery of cargo.

Flexibility & Forward-thinking solutions

G. Carrier provides for flexible proposals for the execution of shipment and adaptive solutions in case of emergency or force majure conditions, in order to secure the cargo in transit and its timely delivery.

Eco-friendly mentality

G. Carrier swears by the exclusive use of eco-friendly means of transport and applicable methods through the whole process of the execution of delivery. Our departments work endlessly to stay updated on every innovation that will help us reduce harmful emissions and exploit green energy solutions, in all aspects of our business.

High-tech methods

G. Carrier uses the latest technology in order to organize the process and execution of transportation and delivery of cargo, with use of newly developed and advanced software on logistics, allocation, routing and tracking.

Stands out

' G. Carrier, a game changer '

G. Carrier stands by substantial values of:
> Communication
> Trust
> Protection
> Price Guarantee


Communication is key and not many forwarding companies can provide that. G. Carrier ensures an all-around support to our customers with a specialist to liaise with via phone or e-mail 24/7, 365/per year. In addition, our high-tech software allows you to always be fully updated on real time about the course and the position of your shipment.


We trust our long-term and renowned international partners to carry through with our project, following the strict values and predetermined service methods of our company. This is achieved through an ongoing policy to continually screen and assess their performance.


Under our fast transportation services what matters most is the safety of your product. We recognise that we handle high-value and perishable products and therefore we guarantee for the proper and timely execution of your shipment. In addition, we provide premium freight insurance options to ensure that your cargo is protected throughout the whole process, from pick-up to delivery.

Price Guarantee

Our goal is to provide the fastest transportation of cargo while minimizing the costs of the process. We guarantee that we always look for the most cost-effective solutions while maintaining the quality of our service.

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