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We are your
strategic ally.

Who we are

In 2019 our company was established in the Netherlands with one main goal. To provide the fastest and most reliable land cargo transportation between two continents. From its foundation the G. Carrier company set out to be a global game – changer on the warehousing and forwarding services. Today we are proud to declare that we have achieved our goal because we provide services that stand out and no other company can match them.

Freight Forwarding
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Fast and Traditional Freight Forwarder (F.F.)

> Guaranteed Fast Transportation
> Competitive Freight Prices
> Volume Discount
> Individual Service
> Customs Brokerage
> Document Management
> Trucking Brokerage
> Warehousing
> Bundled Services

Customer Satisfaction

> Organizational Flexibility
> Fast Adaptability
> Maximum Efficiency
> High – tech Platform
> Personalised Experience
> Actionable Insights
> Automated Execution
> Real-time Visibility
> Seamless Collaboration