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Digitalized freight storage and forwarding

G. Carrier in cooperation with the most well-known and effective software developers, has created an easy and user-friendly digital platform, through which our clients can get familiar with our services. In addition, once you choose to trust our company with your cargo safekeeping and forwarding, you will have access to real-life tracking of the position and processing of your freight. Moreover, our digitalized processes allow us to exploit the fastest, safest and constantly adaptable combinations of mainland and sea lines. We achieve maximum optimization be using software that is able to take into consideration currently existing situations on all steps of the process, which allows us to avoid any discrepancies that might arise.

G. Carrier aims to be a company that capitalizes on newly-developed high-end technologies and eco-friendly solutions. Therefore, our services are based upon a completely digitalized process and eco-friendly set-up.


> Instant Quote: Saves time spent on quote and booking process.
> Proactive Exception Management: Enhances visibility and actively avoids exception costs.
> Automate Milestone Update: Increase productivity and transparency mitigating the risk & cost of shipment delays.
> 24/7 and Same Window Operation: Manage all your shipments 24/7 in one place including full traceability of your cargo and an overview of your costs.
> Data-driven Insights and Customized Reporting: Our tech-enabled operations ensure that all data is complete, correct and always available to unlock new potential in your supply chain.
> KPI & SLA: Use our industry-leading data to finally measure and benchmark all important KPIs.

Logistics/Cargo handling