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Project 72h

Scope of business

Our first target is the execution of end-to-end cargo delivery
from the Netherlands to Egypt in less than 72 hours.

We provide a single point of accountability for all your complex logistics and forwarding issues, by combining an all-in-one solution. Our team is dedicated to premium and delivering tailor-made consultancy, solutions and services. We assume complete responsibility for the execution of your shipment from pick-up to delivery and for any warehousing, freight forwarding, transportation and customs brokerage requirements that you have.

Our goal is to provide an all-in-one solution, which will minimize your cargo distribution costs and will set you free from all in-between costs and most importantly from the burden of complex and combinatorial issues.

We set our aims high, therefore our first goal is to connect two continents. We deliver from Africa to Europe in less than 72 hours, by using a combination of mainland and sea transportation. In particular, we combine the use of reefer or tank containers, depending on your product’s needs, and RoRo vessels to deliver your freight as fast as possible, but also cheaper than other air transportation companies.

Towards the achievement of our goal we have developed a trusted network of international partners, in order to provide an integrated system of cargo transportation and delivery to adapt to all possible needs.

Project 72h

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